Voot : Multiplatform Entertainment Product for Viacom India

Voot – Video Streaming Product

Voot is one of India's first video streaming products, created by Viacom 18. It provides video content from many popular channels such as Colors, MTV, VH1, and Comedy Central, and curates them under a single branded experience. The product was originally created as a mobile application available on iOS and Android, and evolved into a responsive web product.

The key interaction feature of the product is called “Shouts”. Users can apply sentiments, called “Shouts”, to content by selecting one of the six branded expressions. Top sentiments are displayed on content and top Shout users are featured as micro celebrities throughout the product.
The experience also has a dedicated kids mode with a unique interaction feature where kids can discover new content by shaking the device.

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Visual Design
Interaction Design

Viacom 18 India

A Different Engine
( 2015 – 2016 )



Culturally Appropriate Branding & Art Direction

Voot's branding communicates the vibrant and festive nature of the Indian culture. Inspired by colors in Indian Holi festivals and traditional clothings, seven primary colors are established and used appropriately throughout the experience to present a unique look & feel.


Shapes and Iconography that Tell Stories

Bold, illustrative icons and chunky shapes do not only compliment the vibrant and festive branding, but also tell stories that are unique to the audience – their desire to stand out, be bold, and be celebrated by others is expressed in every detail of visual design decisions.


Mobile-first Experience

The product was empowered by India’s expansion of data accessibility in 2016, becoming one of the first mobile-first, on-demand streaming service products in India.

Users demanded highly-curated bite-size premium content they can watch quickly on the go and download for later. This demand shapes the experience to focus on curation of editorialized content and encouraging quick yet meaningful user interactions, making the product uniquely human and user-centric.


Delightful Moments

Content detail pages sometimes present hidden surprises, and encourage users to engage with content even more.


Unique and Expressive User Reaction

"Shouts" is an unique interactive feature that allows users to express their reactions to content.


Amplified Branding and Art Direction for Kids' Version

Voot Kids is a place designated for kids, which can by accessed securely with PIN. It's branding introduces fun brand characters and adds more dynamic motions and vibrant colors while not feeling too different from the main Voot experience.


Available on Web

Voot also provides a separate web-based experience that is fully responsive and interactive.