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Pratt ComD Web Design Class – Teaching

Launched in the Fall 2017 semester as an independent project, this website is to showcase select student projects from previous and current Web Design 1 classes, and promote talents and their digital design work.

The class is offered to undergraduate Communications Design students in their 3rd and 4th year of study at Pratt Institute, and is designed to teach essential knowledge and skills in the current user experience design and interface visual design. Students learn how to think, plan, and design for digital products by emulating the latest industry practices and tackling realistic problems with digitally driven thinking. At the end of the course students produce a conceptually, structurally, and visually complete responsive web product.

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Visiting Instructor
(2016 – 2018)

Class Details
Web Design
COMD 520 Section 5 & 6
Communications Design Dept.
Pratt Institute



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