Fitness App Concept

Fitness App – Product Concept

Unlike other main-stream fitness apps, this concept targets ordinary people who need assistance and motivation to work out more and better in their busy lives.

The experience aims to remove intimidation that comes from challenging fitness goals. It rather presents personalized fitness plans and short games that are easily achievable and encouraging. It guides them with many forms of friendly and fun assistance, such as the platform to connect with their friends and family members, carefully curated visual inspirations and music playlists, and sharable rewards and statuses.

As a designer on a team that created this experience, I helped establish the visual design direction, crafted interfaces with carefully planned user experience design, created illustrations and mock-ups, and animated the experience for presentation.


Visual Design
Interaction Design

( 2016 – 2017 )



Unique Landing & Feed Experience

Landing experience presents contextual messages along with CTA buttons that prompt users to take quick actions. Swiping up from the landing screen reveals a feed of updates and statuses from the user's connections.

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Easy-to-Access Training Time Tracker & Assistance

Tapping on the stopwatch icon reveals Training vertical. From there, users can select a training type and access appropriate time trackers that monitor their performance. Each time tracker accompanies audio guidance that motivates and assists users throughout their training sessions.

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Personalized Planning Assistance

From the sub-menu under Training, users can access quick training tasks, called challenges, and games that allow users to enjoy the app experience with their connections on the app. Under Plan menu, users can plan out and monitor their weekly or monthly training schedules. Each training schedule begins with easy-to-understand analysis of their past performances and future goals.

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Comprehensive User Profile

User Profile page compiles and curates the user's records, achievements, and connections in one comprehensive view. Each profile is displayed with a level that ranges from 1 to 10. The level fluctuates weekly based on the user's performance.

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Scalable Brand for Social & On-site Activation 

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