New York Philharmonic Website

New York Philharmonic – Website

Upon re-establishing its brand identity in 2016, New York Philharmonic asked Sequence to re-design its website with the new visual design system.

As a visual designer on the project I applied the new visual languages – angular and colorful visual elements – throughout the website to express its dynamic and energetic brand voice on the responsive web platform.

The fully re-designed responsive website was delivered along with brand guidelines that explain how to use colors and shapes systematically and consistently on digital platforms.

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Visual Design
Design System

New York Philharmonic

( 2016 – 2017 )



Customer-First Experience

The fully responsive website offers three main features: search/discover events and purchase tickets, watch videos and listen to audio content, and encourage users to sign up for a membership and donate.


Intelligent Brand Application

The angular shapes and the unique color coding system define the website's brand and amplify NYPhilharmonic's new brand persona.

Image borrowed from MetaDesign

Image borrowed from MetaDesign