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Future of Insurance UX Concept

Future of Insurance – Product Concept

Created as an mobile app concept for potential clients in the insurance industry, Future of Insurance tells two compelling user stories to demonstrate how a mobile insurance app can assist customers in need of help better with some of the latest technologies.

Based on information from market and customer research, the team created narratives to suggest an information-driven business model that moves from reactive to preventative and prescriptive. The app is to eliminate inefficiency in time, cost, and management through automation, and offer design-driven experiences that are responsive, convenient, transparent, and easy-to-use.


UX Design
Visual Design

( 2016 – 2017 )



User Story 1: Auto Accident Journey

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Quick and Easy Communications with Agents

A claims agent sends the customer a link to gather information on the accident. The car detected damage to a sensor in the front fender and the customer is prompted to take a photo. The customer then uploads a picture of the damaged front fender along with a picture the other driver's insurance card as instructed. The agent informs the customer that enough information has been gathered and that the claim progress can be tracked using Claims Tracker.

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All-in-One Claims Tracker & Repair and Rental Assistance

Claims Tracker is a one-stop shop for the customer to take action during the claims process. The customer finds a reliable repair shop and schedules an appointment for her car using the app. The customer then finds a rental car in the next step that is similar to her own vehicle's make and model.

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User Story 2: Natural Disaster Journey

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Personalized Action Plan

A category 4 storm is approaching the customer's residential property. The customer receives an SMS message from an agent with information on a personalized hurricane action plan. The customer starts the hurricane action plan in Agent Chat. After completing all action plans such as building an emergency kit and securing the house as instructed, the customer is presented with shelter locations nearby.

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Effective Storm Tracker

In response to the storm, the insurance provider has set up an online community for all policyholders affected by the hurricane. The online catastrophe team are able to help provide highly targeted and actionable intelligence to ensure every customer is safe. The storm tracker feed aggregates important information and alerts from FEMA, police, and other official sources. After making it safe to the shelter, the customer is able to track the hurricane in real time by looking at Storm Map. The map shows real-time pictures and videos uploaded from different areas.

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Intelligent Recovery Assistance

After the storm subsides, the customer gets an SMS notification from the insurance provider informing about the customer's property damage. The customer opens the app and sees the damage to the roof on Claims Tracker. Claims Tracker then provides the customer with a list of preferred roofing contractors nearby. The customer schedules an appointment with a highly rated contractor for the following week.

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