'Cado Crusher: Responsive Web Game

'Cado Crusher – Responsive Web Game

Chipotle partnered up with Avocados From Mexico to promote Chipotle's guacamole by creating an educational and rewarding web game experience. A team of designers and a developer at Sequence was tasked to create the game from concept to development.

As a visual designer on the project, I established the visual design direction, illustrated and designed all UI elements, and worked closely with the developer to make the game come alive.

The game was inspired by the classic game of Whack-a-mole. The user is asked to crush as many guacamole ingredients as possible and fill up a bowl within limited time. Clicking/tapping on a wrong ingredient would deduct a point. Once all three levels are completed, the user is rewarded with free chips and guacamole.

Mentioned in a Forbes article, “The Future Of E-Commerce Is Play” →


Visual Design
Interaction Design


( 2016 – 2017 )



Carefully Crafted Illustration

All illustrated elements are carefully crafted and meticulously prepared for digital implementation. Each component within a screen layout was created individually and coded to react dynamically to user interactions and browser sizes.


Illustrated UI Elements

The bowl works as a progress indicator, and gets filled up with guacamole as users hit correct ingredients. Hitting a wrong ingredient deducts a point. The experience is fully responsive.