ABC News on Apple TV

ABC News – Apple TV Application

Tasked to create an Apple TV app for ABC News, a team at A Different Engine was given an opportunity to take full advantage of the tvOS platform and its capabilities.

The experience mirrored the traditional news-watching experience, aiming to make the experience as simple, intuitive, and convenient as possible for users who were new to the tvOS platform. It places users directly into video playback at launch, continues video playback throughout the experience without interruption, and allows users to control videos with a single press or gesture on a remote controller. The app was featured on Tech Crunch.

I created the visual design system, crafted the interfaces, and helped shape interaction models for this uniquely intuitive and robust tvOS product.


Visual Design
Interaction Design

ABC News

A Different Engine

Jason LaFrenais
Rich Foster


Establishing a clean and minimal visual design system for an intuitive and premium-feel news-watching experience


Eliminating complex browsing experience by surfacing what’s important right away


Keeping the news-watching experience uninterrupted by retaining the video and audio in the background when browsing


Introducing a convenient navigation system, made of well-curated and organized playlists


Providing a unique live stream experience that allows users to watch multiple live videos at once