ABC News on Apple TV

ABC News – Apple TV Application

For the debut of ABC News on Apple’s tvOS, a team at A Different Engine was given an opportunity to take full advantage of the new platform and its capabilities. Making use of the Apple TV’s processing power, I helped create visual design and user experience that placed users directly into video playback at launch, and continued video playback throughout the experience.

While browsing the app, background video continues to play in an ambient, blurred state. At any time, users can dismiss the menu and return to the background video with a single press of a button. The app also showcases ABC News’s live stream content through a “control room” view that allows users to watch multiple live streams simultaneously on the same screen.

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Visual Design
Interaction Design

ABC News

A Different Engine
( 2015 – 2016 )



Presenting What’s Important Right Away

Upon landing, users see the cover screen of a curated playlist, presenting what’s important to users right away, without requiring them to browse first.


Intuitive In-playlist Experience

Once entered, the playlist starts playing immediately, while displaying descriptions and meta data in the lower third. Making a swipe-up gesture on the remote pulls up the lower third, revealing below the list of videos included in the playlist.


Keeping Users In Video Experience

When looking at the list of videos, the current video is blurred to an ambient state behind, while retaining audio. In this view, users can jump to different video clips within the playlist without pausing the current video. A quick swipe-down gesture allows users to return to playback at any point.


Browsing without Disruption

Clicking the menu button on the remote reveals a daily collection of curated playlists. The ambient video background keeps users in the video experience when browsing different playlists.


Customizable Experience

There are custom-viewing options displayed at the end of a collection of curated playlists. All Sections allows users to view news content by categories or topics, Local Coverage focuses on local news based on the user’s location, and News Shows contains content from daily news shows.


Unique Live Stream Experience

If there are live coverages, the first playlist in the collection shows “Control Room”, a live stream experience that allows users to watch multiple live streams simultaneously on the same screen. While the selected live stream is displayed big with information (main view), playing with audio, other live streams are displayed small below, playing without audio. Users can select a different live stream to play in main view at any moment.